Team 团队

Sophie Dariel

General Manager 总经理



Born in Paris in 1978, Sophie graduated from Paris X University in International Communications and completed a masters degree in Chinese language at Shanghai Normal University. She has been living and working in China since 2000.

Her experience in communications within the creative industry stretches across Europe and China and she is widely valued by several key opinion leaders such as Pearl Lam - one of the world’s top 100 Contemporary Art personalities according the The New York Times.

After successfully initiating the communication plan for her husband’s design studio, Dariel Studio, Sophie joined and formed the 'Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center’ in Shanghai, she developed its PR strategy, and helped lead it to become one of the most successful galleries in Chinese Contemporary Art’ as judged by the Saatchi Jury in 2010.

She has constantly been involved in projects with exclusive Groups such as Hermès, Rothschild and Conde Nast and with creative celebrities such as Andree Putman, Martin Szekely, Mattia Bonetti and Marcelo Joulia, among others. Sophie has also acquired a strong expertise in image development and media relations for high-end houses.

Sophie benefits from a strong international network of major media and influencers that allows her to be a key messenger for luxury brands and creative leaders and enables her to reach a selective and exclusive audience.

包含创新产业在内,她在公共关系方面的经验纵横欧洲与中国,并获得诸如林明珠画廊 (它曾被纽约时代周刊评为全球百大当代
艺术人文画廊)此类关键意见领袖们的认可与赞许。在成功为她丈夫的设计工作室Dariel Studio公关策划之后,索菲加入并建立上海博雅珊艺术中心,盛世长城2010年7月曾这样评价,在她的带领下,该艺术中心已被打造成当代中国艺术界最成功的画廊之一。
索菲一直负责诸多高端客户集团的项目,如爱马仕,罗特席尔德,轩尼诗,康泰纳士等,同时也与那些富有创造力的名流合作,如Andree Putman, Martin Szekely, Mattia Bonetti, Marcelo Joulia等。这个过程也让索菲获得极强的与形象包装与媒体关系相关的专业视野,并将此应用于高端客户的项目中。